Dreaming in Character

G.L. Jackson

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My Playlist

If you’ve been following along, you know I wrote a novel that’s been workshopped in Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars contest. My story takes place behind the scenes on a rock band’s road tour. It features roadies! rock stars! women in the industry! managers! fans! models, Irish wolfhounds, load-in, load-out, backline techs, tour buses, hotels, extravagance, heartbreak, heartache, lies, deception, true love’s first kiss… and oh, yeah, music. Even though I can’t share the music in my mind from my pretend rock band, I can share the real-world music pivotal to the story.

Each of the primary characters have their own theme songs. My main characters get two each, just because. Continue reading



Now I’m Happy.

I’ve been plotting out my NaNo novel (as one does), and during the process realized that my main character is someone I already know.

Let me backtrack: I have a great fondness for writing sequels. The story I’ve been editing — the one I referred to in my last post — might not be my best work but it has spawned a whole world of other stories.

I didn’t realize this new one was supposed to be another piece of the existing puzzle until I got there and started matching up the edge pieces. It is such a relief to know I’ll be wading back into familiar waters. In each of these sequels I’ve taken a minor character and given them their own life and their own story. It pleases me no end to know that this character, who I’ve only used sparingly in the past, is about to get her own turn in the spotlight… and in a world I know so well that telling stories about it is really second nature.

This just goes to show that there really are no minor characters. Everybody is the star of his or her own show. All it takes is for the spotlight to turn in the right direction.

(Can it be November yet, please? Now I’m ready to start.)