Dreaming in Character

G.L. Jackson

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california’s been good to me

Raindrops on a spider web, and an I-don’t-know-what monster bloom, both in my garden.

Nature is still my most patient photography subject.


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One thing I love about Oregon

…I never know what’s going to happen right outside my front door. For instance, today I opened the door to let my cat in, and this fine gentleman I’d never met before was standing right on my doorstep, just like he wanted to be invited in.


I stood there and stared, ushered my cat into the house (I’d never seen my cat hanging out with a peacock so peacefully before. Actually, I’d never seen him hanging out with a peacock at all before). Our visitor might have been a little miffed, because he turned tail (literally) and hopped up the front steps.


At that point, he walked up the driveway and took up residence on one of the fenceposts. He looked very regal.


I decided to try to get closer. Obviously this was someone’s pet, and I didn’t want him going up to the road because of the cars.


I think he decided that I was close enough. Maybe this is the peacock version of the stink eye.


At any rate, we had to go run some errands. I managed to invite him back down the driveway so I could get my car past him. Cat food kibble worked wonders (I looked up what domesticated peafowl eat before offering, because I didn’t want to make him sick) in seducing him back to level ground. He even tilted his head back and started vocalizing, which… wow, they’re loud. When I shut my car door, he went into full display.

By the time we got back home, he was at the neighbors’ house. I wish I knew where he lived so I could’ve let them know their peacock had gone walkabout. I hope he makes it back home safely. He was beautiful.