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O Content, My Content

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I’ve been doing a lot of blogging about writing over at All The Kissing. That leads me to think about what I’d like to do with this blog. I don’t really want to be redundant–nothing bores me more than people who link and cross-link everything to one account and never include original content.

But I will take a moment to talk about All The Kissing (ATK for short). It’s a website a bunch of us co-founded. We call it for romance writers by romance writers, but the information there is applicable to people writing all genres, really. I would love to invite everyone reading this to surf on over and check it out. Since I know a lot of you invested in NaNoWriMo, I invite you to read my post on Keeping Strong with your NaNoWriMo Novel – Editing. It’s of interest to me, and not just because I wrote it, but because I’m about to embark on a first round of revision. I’ve been following my own advice and have taken December off from touching my novel. It’s been a great thing for my objectivity.

To be honest, it’s also made me want to set fire to the whole thing and start from scratch. But there’s some very good writing in it, and with thoughtful layering and characterization I’ll be able to turn it into something delicious.

But back to this blog! I’ve been writing book reviews. Good Reads no longer supports cross-blogging, but I’m thinking rather strongly about repurposing this as a book review blog and as a place to showcase other writers.

Maybe a poll is in order. At least it will show me if anyone’s still reading here!

Author: G.L. Jackson

Writer of women's fiction and steamy contemporary romance. Reader, photographer, cat wrangler. Mostly, I just like pretending to be a different person each day of the week.

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