Dreaming in Character

G.L. Jackson

It Only Takes 100 Words


I used to run a prompt-based community called 100 Word Stories on LiveJournal. Every other week I’d leave a prompt — usually a word or a short phrase — and open things up for members. The only caveat was that the finished piece had to be exactly 100 words in length. It could be original fiction, fanfiction, or even poetry, as long as it told a story in 100 words.

Often, I think about that community. There’s a definite art form to telling tales in limited word count. Maybe I’ll open it up again, or start a new one here on WordPress. Would anybody be interested in participating if I do? Participation would never be mandatory, and stories can be left (and commented on) in comments.

What do you think?


Author: G.L. Jackson

Writer, reader, amateur photographer. Mostly, I just like pretending to be a different person each day of the week.

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