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G.L. Jackson

Happy Birthday, Untold Press!


Today’s the second birthday for Untold Press, those lovely folks who’ve been kind enough to publish two of my stories in their anthologies.

By way of celebrating, the nicest people in publishing are holding a giveaway. The grand prize is a $50 Amazon gift certificate. You can enter right here, and I hope you do! While you’re at the site, take a moment to peruse their book catalog and see if there isn’t something there to tickle your fancy.

While I’m on book business, fellow Untold author Angela McPherson (Hope’s Decree) is looking for reviewers for the first book in her Fated series. You can read all about it on Angela’s blog.

One more time, happy birthday, Untold. Here’s to many more!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Author: G.L. Jackson

Writer of women's fiction and steamy contemporary romance. Reader, photographer, cat wrangler. Mostly, I just like pretending to be a different person each day of the week.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Untold Press!

  1. Yes, congratulations to Untold Press. And congratulations to you too, for having the two stories picked up by Untold Press.


    • Thank you kindly, Otto. Submitting to Untold was a leap of faith for me, and I never expected to be rewarded for it with any sort of acceptance. It goes to show that sometimes it really does pay to take those risks.


      • Being creative means taking risks. When you take risks you grow tremendously as an artist. 🙂


        • I can’t imagine sitting on that fence forever and being too afraid to jump. I know it’s trite, but the biggest risks often yield the biggest rewards! I also believe (among other things) that doors exist to be opened, not to stay shut. We can always close them behind us if need be after we’ve waltzed happily through.


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