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G.L. Jackson


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This past week I went to see the San Francisco Giants play the Boston Red Sox at AT&T Park. Interleague play isn’t something you can count on every year, so I was delighted to get tickets for this match-up. My all-time favorite Red Sox against my long-time favorite NL team, and right in my backyard.

We started out in downtown Oakland at Jack London Square. It’s lovely there, and on nights the Giants play, the ferry service runs special boats from Oakland and Alameda directly to AT&T Park’s Marina Gate. The ferry was a great way to travel. It only took a half hour, but since San Francisco bay is so busy and so huge, I was glad not to have had to drive across the bridge into the city.

The Red Sox won the game, 7-0. Our seats were up pretty high, but as you can see, we had a great view of the game. Having a nice big camera lens didn’t hurt either. We enjoyed the whole experience quite a bit, even the giant mitt and Coke bottle in left field. The night was… the night was… the night was… [sultry, damn it] perfect for baseball, although the wind kept most of the long balls inside the park.

After a while I put my camera away and just enjoyed the experience. I can’t wait to go again. Click any photo to access the gallery.


Author: G.L. Jackson

Writer of steamy contemporary romance, reader, photographer. Mostly, I just like pretending to be a different person each day of the week.

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