Dreaming in Character

G.L. Jackson



Since 2003, I’ve had a blog on LiveJournal, which is a fine place to blog. I’ve loved it over there, and will continue to use both that and Dreamwidth for personal blogging (feel free to join in at either location, the more the merrier). You’ll find posts about the things I love, about family, about pets and nature and vacations.

On this blog I intend to talk about writing fiction. I’m not a very process-oriented writer. I don’t get on well with outlines; I like it when things mature organically. I’m very much a method actor (one of my long-time loves) when it comes to writing in that i want to inhabit characters, know what makes them tick, know their backstories, their hopes, their dreams, their desires, their fears. In short, I want to know what kinds of things wake them up in the middle of the night, and which ones keep them awake.

I want to know where you get your ideas. I get mine at odd o’clock: staring at the shelves in bookstores, looking at the sunset, washing dishes. If someone asked me what my writing process was, I’d probably look at them like they had three heads. Then I’d go write about that visual.

I’ve been writing for a long time, but only recently became brave enough to start submitting my work for publication. I had a story accepted, stay tuned for more information on that as soon as it’s legit to talk about!

As far as writing goes, I like to stretch my imagination with my characters. They’ll probably demand their turns blogging here too. Hopefully, you’ll be able to tell who’s who but if not, just ask. I’ll be glad to tell.


Author: G.L. Jackson

Writer of steamy contemporary romance, reader, photographer. Mostly, I just like pretending to be a different person each day of the week.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Lovely! I too like to inhabit my characters, though I’ve never had them blog. Hmm… Well, I noticed you followed my old WP hosted blog. I might have to figure out how to crosspost over there.


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